Monday, March 15, 2010

Adolf Loos's "Ornament and Crime".

Just read Adolf Loos's "Ornament and Crime". A very intrested piece.What he wrote was based on some key principals such as: The embryo passes through the stages of the development of animals and the child through the stages of development of mankind, at which point he becomes aware of the color violet which wasn’t known before the 18th century as some of today’s colors will not be recognized until the future. The child, is amoral but not criminal, whereas a modern man who ate his enemies would be. The urge to ornament one’s face and other things is the origin of fine art. All art is erotic. The first artwork was to rid the artist of natural excesses. Horizontal and vertical lines represented male penetration, and the creative joy was the same as that of Beethoven. Objects without ornament in the past were carelessly thrown away, and any rubbish with the smallest ornament was collected and displayed. Every period had a style, which meant ornament. Our period however does not: it is important because it cannot produce new ornament, has out-grown ornament. The streets will now glow like white walls.

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